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  • Listening to: Shitty music
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Steven universe.
  • Playing: League.
  • Eating: ass
  • Drinking: Coffee.

And im also still alive, wow. Warning. I have the humour of a 12 year old COD player. 

1. This is you:



2. This Pokémon is your rival:


We compete who is the most irrelevant. I totally forgot this guy, omfg

3. This Pokémon is deeply in love with you:


daww. I also love you, Mawile. #nohomo 

4. This Pokémon is stalking you:

:iconeelektrossplz: holy fuck. This is some intense as fuck rivalry. ACCEPT YOUR DEFEAT. IM LESS RELEVANT THAN YOU.

5. This pokémon just stole your cake:

:icongurdurrplz: You can keep it. I ain't gonna fight that, LOL.

6. This is your lab partner:

:iconledybaplz: Are those things on their legs thumbs. I kinda hope so. #I dont want you to spill acid over my boobie.

7. This is your best friend:

:iconlatiosplz: Now I feel kinda special. , v ,  Thanks Latios.

8. This pokémon is about to fight you:

:iconkricketotplz: Bruh. I'll punt you right into the sun.

9. This pokémon will do anything to get your shoes:

:iconmakuhitaplz: Atleast they have feet. I can rest in peace, now that I know they're atleast going to wear it. 

10. This pokémon is currently hiding in your house:

:iconyanmegaplz:  Please get it the fUck out. No offense but that thing is nearly 2m long. Imagine seeing that at night.

11. This pokémon is your pet:

:iconfrogadierplz: aw yis. A pseudo ninja. And also it's summer, so water fights are a must.

12. This is your new roomate:

:iconskrelpplz: Atleast I'm going to be the cutest of the two. rite. rite.

13. This is your new boss:

:iconxatuplz: jesus fuck. All I can think about is this. 

14. This pokémon watches you while you sleep at night:

:iconbronzongplz: Straight up nightmare fuel.

15. This pokémon is scared of you:

:iconyanmaplz: nice. fEar me, future boss.

16. This pokémon is about to perform surgery on you:

:iconseelplz: fUck. It doesnt even have hands.

17. You have to babysit this pokemon all night:

:iconmaractus: thats.... not that bad? I love Maractus. Underused baby , _ ,

18. This pokemon loves sleeping on your head:

:iconarcanineplz: I will suffocate to death. But atleast it's going to be a warm and fluffy death.

19. This pokemon envies you:

:iconshayminplz: Now I feel hella special. ; v ;  thank you--

20. Use this pokémon to tag some people:

:icontoxicroak-plz: ya bro. Go tag yourself or they will stick that horn up your nose. And then they'll try to seduce you.


PlatinaStar's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Amazing ID made by :iconchiefmoustache:

🌟 - Platina.
🌟 - Any pronoun is fine, but he/they is prefered! Thanks!
🌟 - Old enough to party
🌟 - Ass-sexual [harhar.]
🌟 - But also really gay
🌟 - I talk like im on tumblr 24/7 because I am on tumblr 24/7
🌟 - fukc
🌟 - ok that's it i guess

I like sewing, drawing, playing games, listening to music, trying to be funny, making godawful puns and jokes and participating in even more awful rp's.

I'm still trying to improve with both art and English, so please don't hestitate to correct me on those subjects. (And please, do call me out when I'm being offensive or what not!)



All the other children of the universe that are cool:
:iconalice-smith: :iconcharlayka0665: :iconkatigura: :icontrollahbee:

I probably forgot a few but w/e!

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